The Ebb and Flow of the Mind Body Connection

Through out my whole journey in sobriety, I have had a strong connection to the fitness world. For me, this has been an essential part of my recovery. Not only did my mind need repairing but my body did as well. I truly believe that in order to have a healthy body, you need a healthy mind and vice versa. 

Over the last 2 years, I have learned how vital exercise has been for me in my new life. I find exercise can be such a healthy tool in terms of managing stress and anxiety. Some days, it can really give me the extra push I need to stay positive and motivated. 

As I think most of you know now, I am a spiritual believer and a lot of this is not just taking care of my mental health. I do things like pray, meditate, therapy, and AA to keep my head on straight but if I am not putting the same amount of care into my body as I am my mind, I cannot stay mentally tough. 

I recently have been struggling with the extremes of over-exercising, which has led to some serious overuse injuries. I let my need to take care of my physical body overtake my need to take care of my mental health. Instead of the 2 being equal, I pushed one aside for the other. What happened was I had a shift in my mind and how I started using exercise. Instead of using fitness as a healthy tool, I started abusing what my body could handle for ulterior motives. 

What has been so helpful for me was the power to have open conversations with people about this. I was talking to a friend about this topic and it made me take a look in the mirror to see what I was doing to myself! It gave me the self-awareness that I desperately needed at the time. 

I am so grateful for the ability in life to recover from these hard times. Whether it is an addiction to substances or to other things such as going to the gym (or literally to anything else,) there is always a way out. One of life's many gifts is the ability to learn from the past. You get to choose what you make out of it, and you can make positivity out of almost any situation. You just need to be willing to see it.

Just because I have managed to have long-term sobriety, doesn't mean my life will be perfect. There will constantly be ups and downs, new things that will cause hardship in my life. The one thing I have control over is the ability to make the right choices for myself and to do the right thing. I turned my drug and alcohol addiction into the most amazing scenario I could think of. I took the reigns and made my destiny something I could be proud of. 

Bottom line: take care of your body as you would your mind. They depend on each other to function properly. Love every part of yourself equally and practice honesty in your mind.