A New Perspective on Life- Finding Your Spirituality

Last night, I was lucky enough to see one of the greatest spiritual thinkers of all time, Eckhart Tolle, speak here in Toronto. This man has had such a profound effect on millions of peoples lives and after listening to him speak I could not be more inspired. I am one of those people whose lives he has changed and I am going to tell you how. 

So, this all started over 4 years ago when I met my partner, Matt! He actually got us the tickets as a gift for celebrating my 2 years of sobriety. When I first met Matt, I was in a very dark place. I had been struggling for years with anxiety and depression, topped with an unawareness of substance abuse. It was so hard for me just to get through a day sometimes with experiencing seemingly uncontrollable panic attacks and mood swings. 

Then came along Matt. He was the most present, in the moment, carefree person I had ever met. He had this energy about him that I found captivating and it was so unique. I was instantly attracted to everything about him and I wanted to be like him. This was a 21-year-old guy who meditated and never allowed life to get him down. I was so baffled by who he was. I really had never met anyone like him in my life. 

He shared with me a book he read called, "The Power of Now." This was one of the keys to his daily happiness. I will say that I believe the energy he has is just who is he naturally, but this book really brought to the surface some key tools when it comes to facing struggles that life puts forward. 

This was the start of the journey to finding my own spirituality. At the time, I wasn't in a healthy enough place to implement the tools this book had given me, but it was enough to plant a seed of hope in my mind. Two years went by that I caused a lot of suffering in Matt's life because of my addiction, but he always loved me unconditionally and never gave up on me. I will be eternally grateful for his compassion, love and for the kind of man he is. 

This book taught me about the importance of living in the present moment, not allowing the past or future to cause you pain. That you are not your thoughts and your mind does not control you. Every paragraph is filled with knowledge that will lead to personal enlightenment, and this is something that I have experienced.  

Now, this is not something that comes naturally for me. For Matt, he is able to live this way and it is easy for him. For myself, my brain constantly tries to pull me into the sadness of the past or the worry of the future, so I work very hard to keep my mind in a healthy, present state. Some days it is more challenging than others but I keep moving forward not letting one bad day or moment keep me down.  

For me, this way of life is the only way of life. I lived for years seeking the answers and hating the uncertainty of many things. When you learn that there truly is no future or past, then you can really start living. 

If you are reading this and have been going through some hard times, I would suggest picking up a copy of this book and see what it does for you. It took two years for the message to sink in for me but now, I couldn't imagine what life would be like without this knowledge. I have put a link at the bottom to the book if anyone is interested! 

My spirituality has given me peace. It has rested my mind and allowed me to be present in life. It is the greatest gift I could have been given. It changed my life and who knows.. it could change yours too!! If you are on the fence, I would say just be open minded. You never know what may connect with you!