Me & My Story

Since getting sober on April 7, 2016 my life has been dedicated to health and fitness. I graduated from The University of Western Ontario in 2015 with an undergraduate degree in sociology searching for what my next move was. After life threw me a couple curve balls, I finally found my passion which was fitness. I worked in a commercial gym for 8 months until I decided I wanted go out on my own and become a personal trainer. I love working one on one with people and getting to know my clients.  My objective is to help others attain any goals they have whether it is losing weight, gaining muscle, learning how to workout in a gym or simply wanting to workout for the fun of it! I truly love this industry and I enjoy helping others achieve their dreams. My story is simple, I changed my life because how I was living no longer worked for me and I want to assist others in doing the same thing. Please feel free to email me to discuss how we can work together!


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